Manufacturing Is Getting Smarter.

20 Mar 2017 09:08

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Manufacturing in paper, plastic and rubber industries is getting faster and leaner with the adoption of sensor and wireless technologies. Sensors are generating insights for improving process efficiencies and reduce potential breakdowns. Wireless technology is aiding the implementation of sensor technology in manufacturing units. For instance, sensors are being used to detect miniature parts, semi-finished goods, and wear and tear of films. Major companies offering sensor technology for plastics, textile and paper industries are SENSIT, boomer and Hansford sensors.


The Business Research Company expects the Paper, Plastics, Rubber, Wood And Textile Manufacturing market to grow to $8.8 trillion in 2020. Asia was the largest region in the paper, plastics, rubber, wood, furniture, textile and apparel manufacturing market in 2016, accounting for $3.2 trillion or 45.3% market share. The economic growth in the region gave a significant push to the manufacturing industries. Moreover, cheap labor and availability of raw materials made countries such as China, Japan and India global manufacturing hubs for industries such as textile and rubber products.

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The chart below shows the year-on-year growth of the global paper, plastics, rubber, wood, furniture, textile and apparel manufacturing market during 2016 - 2020.


According to The Business Research Company’s Manufacturing Consultant, Abdul Wasay, Advancements in wireless technologies and rising demand for connectivity is driving the demand for smart textiles. Smart textiles are fabrics capable of interacting with their environment. They have the ability to react to physical stimuli such as thermal, mechanical, electrical and chemical sources. Sensors and actuators are the major components of smart textiles. The materials used in smart textiles include optical fibers, metals and conductive polymers. They are widely used in fashion, entertainment, medical, transportation, sports and fitness and military. For example, Cityzen Science’s, d-shirt, has a wide range of functions such as heart rate monitor, built-in GPS, accelerometer, altimeter

Among big and small players in the paper, plastics, rubber, wood and textile manufacturing market IKEA emerged as the largest company in the paper, plastics, rubber, wood and textile market with revenues of $38.9 billion during the financial year 2016. IKEA’s growth strategy aims at increasing revenues by attracting the young population and offering products at competitive prices. The company designs it products to be colorful and modular to cater to the demand from young population. The company also plans to expand in the US market by opening nearly a dozen stores over the next two years.

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The paper, plastics, rubber, wood and textile industry comprises companies engaged in manufacturing paper, rubber, plastic, wood and textile products. These industries can be further classified as follows

Paper Manufacturing Industry comprises organizations mainly engaged in manufacturing pulp, paper, news print, paperboards, corrugated and solid fiber box, folding paperboard box, paper bag and coated and treated paper, stationery product and sanitary paper manufacturing.

Plastics Manufacturing Industry include plastic bags and pouches, plastic packaging films and sheets, unlaminated plastics film and sheet, unlaminated plastics profile shape, plastic pipes and pipe fittings, laminated plastic plates, sheets, polystyrene foam products, urethane and other foam, plastic bottles, plastic plumbing manufacturing companies. This industry processes plastic resins into intermediate or final products, using processes such as compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and casting.

Rubber Manufacturing Industry comprise establishments primarily engaged in tire manufacturing, tire retreading, rubber and plastics hoses and belting and rubber product manufacturing for mechanical use. Rubber manufacturers process natural or synthetic rubber using processes such as vulcanizing, cementing, molding, extruding and lathe-cutting.

Wood Manufacturing Industry include wood window and door, cut stock, resawing lumber, and planning, wood container and pallet manufacturing, manufactured home (mobile home) manufacturing and prefabricated wood building manufacturing. This industry also include hardwood veneer and plywood, softwood veneer and plywood, engineered wood member (except truss) manufacturing, truss, reconstituted wood product manufacturing companies. The wood industry process logs or bolts to boards, dimension lumber, beams, timbers, poles, ties, shingles, shakes, siding, and wood chips.

Textile Manufacturing Industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fiber, yarn, threads, carpets, rugs, curtains, linens, textile bags, ropes, twines and cords.

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