Ethernet Connected Switchboards Demand Being Driven By Growth In Energy Efficient Systems.

11 Aug 2017 07:48

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Ethernet connected switchboards are widely being used in household and commercial buildings to save energy and reduce maintenance costs. Switchboards can be connected to a computer through an Ethernet cable. Electricity use, system status and other data is transmitted to the computer through the Ethernet cable. Data obtained on the computer is analyzed by energy experts and suggestions to minimize energy consumption. For example, Enerlin’x system manufactured by Schneider is a smart panel that transmits energy consumption data to computer through Ethernet and Modbus interfaces.

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The Business Research Company expects the switchgear and switchboard apparatus manufacturing market to grow to $239 billion in 2020. Asia Pacific was the largest region in the switchgear and switchboard apparatus manufacturing market in 2016, accounting for $108 billion or 53.1% market share.

The chart below shows the year-on-year growth of the global switchgear and switchboard apparatus manufacturing market during 2016 - 2020.


According to The Business Research Company’s Electronics Consultant, Sindhu Kanuri, the global economy is expected to go through a continued period of steady growth during 2016 – 20. The US economy was already showing some growth in 2014 and 15, and this is likely to continue during the forecast period. The European market is expected to see growth return later in the period – between 2017 and 2019. Emerging markets are expected to continue to see generally higher levels of growth than the developed markets during this period. This continued economic growth is expected to be a driver of the market for oil and gas products.
Toshiba Corporation was the largest competitor in the switchgear and switchboard apparatus manufacturing market in 2016 with a revenue of $17 billion for the financial year 2016 from the company’s energy and infrastructure division, which includes switchgear and switchboard apparatus manufacturing. Toshiba’s growth strategy is to focus on core and profitable divisions. The company sold the Toshiba medical system corp. to Canon in March 2015 to improve Toshiba’s financial position.

The switchgear and switchboard apparatus manufacturing industry comprises establishments manufacturing switchgear and switchboard apparatus. Switchgear is the combination of electrical disconnect switches and circuit breakers used in electricity transmission to interrupt or reestablish the flow of electricity.

Switchboard consists of one or more panels with various switches and indicators used to direct electricity and operate circuits. Bus bars inside switchboards are flat strips of copper or aluminum used to carry large currents through the switchboards.
Switchgear is used in combination with metering and regulating equipment to control and protect transmission lines, distribution lines, transformers, generators and motors.

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